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Study Uttarakhand is an organisation that aims to provide quality education. We are working for the Sustainable Development Goals introduced by the UN. We have created this platform for the students to connect with us. We provide them with Career counselling, and help them with extra tutoring and financial help.

You have completed high school and you still don’t have any idea of what to do now. But you let the thought slip away because you have 2 more years to think about it. Those two years pass in a blink.
Now you feel pressured and anxious. Most of your friends have already set sail on their journey yet you stand at the shore thinking about which ship to board.
This phase of our lives is the most crucial time. It decides the course of our life.
At such a crucial time, we provide you with the guidance you seek. We provide career counselling, help you look for your desired course, help you finance the course and also provide you with employment.
We are there for you when you feel lost and unguided in the educational aspect of your life.

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