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About Anadi Yoga Centre

Almost every person traveling to Rishikesh, ‘Yoga Capital of the World,’ comes with expectations. People who find themselves resonating with this place, leave realizing that the beauty of Rishikesh lies in letting go of expectations. Rishikesh at first glance is a strange mystic land. One would imagine the tranquil air of serenity. Perhaps a place filled with a strong sense of peace.

Our Vision ‘Uttishat Jagrat Prapya Varranibodhat’ translates as ‘ Arise, awake…get enlightened from the realized one.’ We are dedicated to uncovering and extricating the lost fragments of yoga with our Abhayasa (discipline) and sadhana (practice). After being associated with yoga for numerous years, this team came together to initiate a place for studying yoga and continuing our relentless endeavor to help students from the world over to collectively continue its legacy.

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